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Friday, January 30, 2009 "WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE" FEATURES Lynn Carey Saylor, ALONGSIDE NOTABLES LIKE JONI MITCHELL, PAT BENATAR Category: Music Hi Gang, and since it's my first blog of 2009, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! For all you music fans who enjoy thought provoking female singer/songwriters, I wanted to make sure and let you know about a great Internet based radio station you may not know about - "Women of Substance" - and their shows on Friday, January 30th and this weekend January 31st and February 1st. The Women of Substance station plays the music of both major and Indie female artists, including my anti-drunk driving song "I WASN'T A FRIEND". I've also recorded a couple station ID's for the station at my recording studio, so you may hear those, as well, if you tune into the station. The Friday show including my "I Wasn't A Friend" is called "WOMEN WHO ROCK" and airs every Friday afternoon from 4-6 pm pacific time. Here is Friday's artist and song playlist in the order the songs will appear: "Women Who Rock" radio show "Sarah Hethcoat","I Got You" "Midori","One Lane Bridge" "Carrie Ashton","truth is" "Tiffany Hull","Just Smile" "Picture Me Broken","Blind" "Eliza Neals","southern comfort" "Chey Acuna","Children of the Night" "Jayla","Jayla's California" "11afteR","Choose Me" "Kelly Harper","Forever Tears" "Hip Kitty","Alive" "Karisa Winett","Just another Rock N Roll Song" "Kimberly Bon","Nothing Like Me" "Pristine","Famous Last Words" "Miranda Rose ","All In" "Valerie Webb Venomentality ","Behind Black Eye Liner" "Tall Pines","Because I Love You" "Winter Springs","Simple Dark" "Sue Quigley","Naked Heart" "Janey Summer","You Rock (My Chemistry)" "giftshop NYC","800 Million" "Billy Anne Crews","Hard Life to Live" "DREAMKILLER","For You "Octane Gypsy","Save Me" "Elise Major","Green" "Jessica Dawn","Shotgun" "Sarah Smith","Set Me Free" "She Eats Planets","Music Inside" "Soul Distraction","Down" "Lynn Carey Saylor", "I Wasn't A Friend" "Wounded Sounl", Willow" "Midori", Go" The "Women of Substance" Radio weekend show featuring my "I Wasn't A Friend" is a new feature to the station called "Songs With A Conscience". This show airs this Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 1-3 PM and includes songs that deal with important controversial subjects like war, greed, the environment, poverty, racism, child abuse, drunk driving and anorexia. The show will replay the first weekend of each month. I am particularly proud to be included in this show's playlist amongst several great and well-known artists, including the legendary Joni Mitchell, who leads off the show this weekend with her legendary song, "Big Yellow Taxi". The following is the artist and song playlist for the "Songs With A Conscience" show, again listed in the order the songs will appear in the show. "Songs With A Conscience" Radio Show "Joni Mitchell","big yellow taxi" "Susan Greenbaum","Susan Greenbaum-Everything But You" "Mardi Pannan","Falling" "Suzanne Birrell","Other People's Money" "Jane Godfrey","Stuff" "Mariah Carey","There's Got To Be A Way" "Nanci Griffith","It s A Hard Life Wherever You Go" "Marianne Thomas","Different Eyes" "A'lise Holliday","You Can Change The World" "Jan Seides","To Give Us Peace" "Gina Rene","BE THE CHANGE" "Tina Dico","No Time To Sleep" "Jewel","Life Uncommon" "Beth Raebeck Hall","Somethin' Goin' On" "Jean Mazzei","Face of a Nation" "Teena Davis","World Of No Feeling" "Jennifer Friedman","Left Behind" "Holly Light","Red, White and Blues" "Sheets Family ","What s Goin On " "Carol Lester ","Feed The Love Starve the War" "Phoebe Blume","War Wounds" "Helen Mottee","Do You" "Rachael Sage","Among All of God's Creatures" "Irina Rivkin","Taking Our Freedom" "Pat Benatar","Hell Is For Children" "Suzanne Vega","Luka" "Joy Adler","Rebecca" "Tracy Chapman","Fast Car" "Lynn Carey Saylor","I Wasn't A Friend" "Jill Sobule","Lucy At The Gym" Hope some of you will tune in to one or both of these radio shows to hear all this great music and also support an Internet based radio station that is giving Independent female artists like me the spotlight alongside noted major label artists. Internet radio stations like this operate out of LOVE, not money, and I am very grateful for their existence. Please join me in supporting them! If you are a talented female artist with songs that have lyrical substance, please feel free to submit your music, as The Women of Substance Radio review board is continually accepting new submissions exclusively thru Soncibids and creating new shows to showcase the music of talented female artists music. You must be a member of SonicBids to submit, which is a pay submission site, however they have a FREE 30 day trial option, so be sure and take advantage of that upon signup if you aren't already a member, then search for the Women of Substance opportunity to submit your best song for consideration. To find the link for the free Sonicbids trial, go the the links page of my main website at

Alzheimers Walk Dedicated to Don Campbell's Mom

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I am on the MOVE to end Alzheimer's! Claire's son Donald.

I am determined to make a difference. By participating in the 2008 Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk Fund Drive®, I have committed to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer research, as well as for care and support for people already affected by the disease.

My Mother pictured above passed from complications of this awful disease. I can be contacted at

Currently more than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer's. Unless we find a way to change the course of the disease, 16 million Americans will have Alzheimer’s by 2050.

I want to do my part to fight this fatal disease – but I can’t do it without your help. Memory Walk funds help the Alzheimer's Association advance important research into better treatments and a possible cure for Alzheimer’s. And for the millions already affected by the disease, the Association offers care, education, support and resources in communities nationwide.

On behalf of the millions of Americans who are living with Alzheimer’s, thank you for supporting my efforts.

Click the Photo for More Information!

Ghost Riders - New Music

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