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Artist - The celturian ( Acoustic warrior )

Birmingham, United Kingdom

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The Celturian...A solo Celtic Guitarist,Main instrument Acoustic Guitar...Iv'e been playing Guitar for 39yrs,in all styles of music,always experimenting in sound and technique...About 10yrs back i decided to write and play celtic format,in that it allows me to use the fret board all over in playing voice lead known as riffs,this as taken me to new levals and skills that somewhat surprised myself. The Guitar is a powerful tool that i wanted to get over to my audiences at various gigs in showing that there is something more to this remarkable instrument. Through the years of playing in this mode as brought me to playing live performances,for the BBC radio,and TV and many rock festivals,with saxon,Wishbone Ash,Bob cately,and many more bands,on stage,also Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden)..It's been remarkable with all the reviews and people see'ing me play,the feedback as been over whelming,as to a solo performer making the Guitar sound if there were more than one player on stage,i like to call it a theater thing,in a showy display of the fingers dancing all over the fret board,a riverdance but not with feet!. Alot of people say do you sing,i like to play the way that i have taught myself over the years and let the Acoustic as it's say. music is a language and we express it in ourselves,and let the sound ride out with all our emotions,covering the spectrum in sight and sound.

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