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Artist - Suzen JueL aka JueL Resistance

Minnesota USA

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Suzen JueL Aka JueL Resistance, has been performing in Venues in Minneapolis, St. Paul (MN) since 1989 before joining Second Life ( a virtual community, in 2003. Known as JueL Resistance, in Second Life, Suzen JueL was one of the first musicians to become part of a fast growing Indie Music Scene where musicians from around the globe, can perform from their own living rooms/studios/homes...and in some cases closets and bathrooms (for sound quality), and get paid, and reach a large audience from around the world. Suzen JueL has performed with several other musicians via the internet as a 'duo'...musicians from the U.K. as well as around the USA. She has also had several opportunities to meet various musicians via Second Life, and perform with them at various places such as NC, and Georgia...meeting up with other musicians from Second Life and others. Her next trip she plans to hit Chicago, and would then like to perform on the East Coast, as well as back to Georgia (which she has grown quite fond of). "There is an amazing music scene in Atlanta," Suzen JueL says..."and it's not just because I've met some of the best, it's because it feels like Home, it feels like where my roots go down...even though I've only been there a couple weeks in my entire life...I will be going back," she says. If you are interested in her latest CD 'BARE' you can purchase it on her website@ where you can also download individual tracks if you so choose. Suzen JueL performs several times a week, and has fast become known for her Emotionally Charged Lyrics, Breathy voice and raw 'janis joplin' style of performance. You can catch her shows Via her web link, posted on her web page as well.