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Artist - Rustie Blue

Rustie Blue - Lancaster, Ohio, USA

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Rustie Blue Rocks the Ryman! Rustie joins The Oakridge Boys, Little Big Town, Chris Young, Con Hunley, Alvarado Road Show, Hot Apple Pie, Joe Tinoco, Megan Mullins, Andy Grigs, Steve Azar, Todd Fritsch, Rachel Proctor, Karen Taylor-Good, Keni Thomas in a great night at the Ryman! Nashville recording artist Rustie Blue (Center Stage Productions) recently returned from a 7day stint at the CMA Fest and has critics singing her praises! Kicking off the event was the 39th Annual IFCO Fun Fest Show. Rustie performed "Do Me A favor" and "Satisfied," both songs from her latest album, "Chip Chip". Critics attending the event had this to say, Bobby Karl, Music Row Magazine, says "Rustie sang splendidly!" Dan Harr, Music News Nashville, says "Rustie Blue rocked the house with her powerful vocals," and Estella Pan, Star Country, says, "Rustie is confident on stage and fun to watch!" " I felt the gospel tune ,"Satisfied" was the perfect song for me to sing to pay tribute to the mother church of country music! Shortly before I went on stage, I was talking to Robert K Oermann, and he said that Satisfied was debuted at the Ryman many years ago by Martha Carson." It was such an honor to be standing on the Ryman stage where Martha Carson, Patsy Cline and so many others performed before me!" says Rustie. Rustie had other performances/events to attend to, during the fest, which included being invited back for the second year in a row to perform in the Mark Trail Showcase at the Douglas Corner. She also had the opportunity to meet and greet with many of her fans at the convention center, signing autographs at Ya'll Magazine, Ultra Pet, and Camping World Booths. Rustie was also interviewed by Clive Smith of Hot-N-Gold, London, Lee Williams, CMR+ Radio, Lance Yelvington, Cyber Country, Ken Shelton, Hot Stuff Magazine among many others! In addition, after a songwriting session, Rustie and John Foster aka John Fab visited Country Weekly to perform a new song that they wrote along with Mark Trail,( titled "Cowgirls Do It Better") for the Country Weekly staff. Look for Rustie in an up coming issue of Country Weekly and July issue of Inside Connection! With music influences like Patsy Cline and Elvis, it's obvious why Rustie Blue crosses so many barriers. No matter what Rustie sings, her true blue country vocals are very much apparent! Her energetic stage performance and charismatic personality makes Blue a refreshing experience and somebody you won't forget! Rustie Blues' current CD "Chip Chip" can be purchased online at, ordered from over 1,300 retailers across the nation, (Wal-mart, Best Buy, etc), online (cdbaby, Amazon, etc.) digital downloads, itunes, and many others! Rusite's music is also available at, Look for Rustie's new album out at the beginning of 2007! For digital photos, tour schedule, and the latest news on Rustie, visit Rustie at


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