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Artist - Natalie Brown


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Natalie is a Suzuki and classically trained violinist who mixes Celtic, jazz, funk, folk, bluegrass, fusion, new age and other styles into her own personal style with no parameters!

Typical onstage equipment: 1987 William Harris Lee acoustic violin with Fishman pickup. Various electric violins. Fender FM 62-SCE acoustic/electric mandolin. Peavey KB/A60 amp, Fishman LoudBox amp, Epiphone EP-1000R amp. Effects pedals - Morely Bad Horsie 2 wah, Korg ToneWorks Guitar AX1, Boss Digitial Delay/Reverb, Boss distortion, Octave, Blues Driver, DigiLab chorus and delay pedals.

Classically trained violinist from Iowa. Started at age 5 at Preucil School of Music with Sonja Zeithamel. Studied with Leopold LaFosse at University of Iowa. Bachelor of Music in violin performance from U of I, Music Education from Coe College, and recently completed Masters of Music Education from UNI. She is currently in her 8th year of teaching high school orchestra and 2012-2013 will be doing research in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Instruments: Violin, fiddle, mandolin, viola, guitar, bass, piano, accordian, dobro, lap steel, bagpipes, djembe, er-hu
Main instrument is violin: Classical, jazz, fiddle, blues, Celtic, rock, folk, fusion, funk