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Artist - Mikle Krizanovski

Krasnodar, RU

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I love all music styles (which are written sincerely ;-)) Especially violin in jazz and New-Age piano. Music impresses or not and not important what quality of play and record. In the childhood has been raised on Country and Bluegrass. Beginning play in 9 years on 4 string domra (like mandoline). Studied in conservatory as conductor of orchestra. Learn to play on all tools that comes across under a hand, but it - is more on a electric-guitar, mandoline, banjo and a harmonica. Try to mix styles and make from this a cocktail ;-) The main idea of my compositions - to unite a thought, flight and pleasure... And I am absolutely assured that all we compose and receive inspiration -it from Heavens, from God! We only tools, which catch these waves... I don't want to be a rock-star, i simply like to compose music... Early influences: Deep purple, Nazareth, AC/DC, Slade (more). Now a greater riddle for me is Scott Henderson. My Pad (Hometown): Russia, UFO, Krasnodar