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Artist - Mark Gosney

Soulsbyville, Ca USA

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Mark Gosney is a rock guitarist with a flair for neoclassical technical dominance, and tasty composition all wrapped into one package. His California based music has been heard by many on the Internet and most agree that he is one of the premier up and coming instrumental rock players of the coming era. Here is what Marty Friedman had to say in response to a private message sent to him by Mark: “I don’t right back to people that leave me private messages cause there’s so many but your stuff is really good I enjoyed it very much, hope to hear more -mart F. “ He is currently working hard on his first self produces release titled “Dreams, The Beginning”. His plans following the release will be to Sell it on, promote it heavily on the internet and put a band together around the new music tour and sell the Album at the shows.. Mark has a very extensive musical background. He started playing music at age six, more specifically the piano. He played the piano for 15 years learning classical pieces and also learning to read. When he started college he studio more music theory, played guitar in a small jazz choir, and also sang in the jazz choir. During college he started playing the guitar very seriously, to the point where he was playing up to fifty or so hours a week. He took lessons from Shrapnel Recording Artist Joey Taffola for three years, where Joey help him improve his technique, and application of technical ideas to songs and music, and also from Darrin Morris, a GIT graduate for two years, where he learned more music / mode theory and the theoretical techniques that are required to write interesting sold music that people will enjoy listening to. Over the past ten or so years he has played in many original bands, one of which was named “Crimson Bond” where they were shopped and nearly signed by Relativity Records. While in “Crimson Bond” the band opened for many big name bands such as “Vicious Rumors”, “Far Beyond the Sun (Jeff Watson)”, “Savatage”, and others. He has also played in many cover bands that have played a wide variety of music, from pop rock to metal. He is currently playing in a band called “The Classic Hawks” where they are sponsored by “104.1 FM The Hawk” a classic rock radio station based in central California. On the personal side of life Mark enjoys many things such as, physics and mathematics, where he holds undergraduate degrees in both. He also enjoys computers and is currently working in the computer industry as a Network Engineer. His philosophy for life is, “To learn as much about life as one can and enjoy yourself while doing it. Never giving up until you achieve what ever it is you set out to achieve for your life.” Ultimately in the end his favorite activity is writing, recording, and playing his own music. Marks debut album “Dreams, The Beginning” promises to be an emotional,technically hard hitting collection of tunes that will move the listener though many moods and feelings. His melodic feel comes through like a freight train out of control. Dreams, The Beginning is sure to be a smashing success and is greatly anticipated by his many fans locally, on, and the Internet in general. For more information contact Mark Gosney at: (209) 352-0102 P.O. Box 1041, Soulsbyville, Ca. 95372 or catch him on the web And email him, at

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