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Artist - Lijah Cane

Frankston, Texas USA

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Lijah Cane has released “NEVER LOOK BACK,” a twelve-cut home-spun project that showcases the vast talents of this native almost-Texan. At birth, Cane missed being a Texan by just a few miles, but got back as quickly as he could. Being raised a Texan, and choosing to be one today explains Cane’s diverse influences as he winds through country, pop, and Americana genres with an able guitar. Cane’s voice is warm and thick, with a slight Mark Miller (Sawyer Brown) tone at times, but definitely possessing a unique delivery that is inviting and comfortable. This disc is a showcase disc, reaching to the very corners of Cane’s talent stable, so be prepared for no two songs being alike. That’s just one more thing that makes this an entertaining disc. While Lijah Cane’s self-penned and self-produced project is done very well, I’d love to see him work with one of the guys on my favorite producer list. There’s a bevy of talent here, and a producer like Rob Galbraith (Amanda Williams) could allow Cane to explode on the Texas music scene.