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Artist - Juan R Leon

Davenport, FL USA

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Juan R. Leon has been playing music since 1982. A mix of Yaqui Indian and Spanish ancestry, Juan draws from a diverse library of influences and various techniques.The artist weaves melodies and harmonies into a rich tapestry, often evoking a mood and place in which anyone who listens is instantly transported to. Although the majority of the writing is done on bass and Chapman Stick,Juan also provides percussion and "atmosphere" along with both North and Mezo-Native American flute.He has released 2 albums of original material on his Blue Room Music label.His Music is a mish-mash of styles.Some of the music is akin to the artists which he admires and listens to such as Michael Hedges,Michael Manring,Jonas Hellborg,Trey Gunn,Jaco Pastorious,Fima Ephron,David Torn,Mark Egan,Phil Keaggy,Ozric Tentacles,Lost Tribe,Mick Karn and a host of Traditional and modern Native American artists such as R. Carlos Nakai,Robert Tree Cody,and Little Wolf. Everything you hear on Juan's recordings were produced by 8 string bass,fretless 5 string bass,acoustic fretless bass,Chapman Stick,NS/Stick,Native American and Pre-Colombian Mezo American clay flutes,digideroo,percussion,loops,& vox.Although some instruments were abused,no animals were harmed.