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Artist - Carol Lowery Styles

Fayetteville, NC - USA

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Carol is good songwriter with a vocal crisp and clear which lift’s the track. The song, which is a dreamy style and relaxed, really takes you along. It took about 2/3 plays of the song before I fell in love with it and cannot stop listening. Carol’s second vocal does not sit in the background but really comes over and gives the songs a real good twist. Two artists spring to mind while listening to this number. Although you cannot pigeon hole an artist only having listened to one track. But I cheated I went back for more and Carole King & Christine Mcvie (ex Fleetwood Mac) really come to the forefront while listening to Carol’s style (no pun intended). I look forward to hearing more from this artists and I am going to keep an eye on her work. I hope you check out this artist. In the song she sings “I am thankful for the sun that shines on my face “ all I can say is “I am thankful you wrote this song” Review by John Ash and well said.