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Artist - Bob and Deb

Watkinsville GA USA

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We played in clubs all over New England, but especially in Western Massachusetts from 1970 to 1993 when we moved south to Alabama due to a position transfer with an international company Bob was with. There we also played some clubs, but it was limited due to Bob's unpredictable business travel (which gave rise to one of our songs, BTW). In 1997, Bob took a position in Youngstown, Ohio, and we stopped playing in clubs altogether. However, armed with a used Tascam Porta 02 4-track cassette recorder, we started writing and recording. In 2000, Bob took a position with a Fortune 200 company that moved us to Athens, Ga. There we set up a home studio and finally went digital with a small Boss BR-864 unit in 2004. Although, the recorder is still the same, we have added better mics, a good quality mixer, and higher quality instruments. The result is a production quality that denies its source! Our music is somewhere between acoustic, rock, pop and contemporary! Our songs venture into unusual topics and tend to explore a side of life not embraced by many artists; from the mundane routine of business travel (Frequent Flyer) to a promise beyond death,and everywhere in between.