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Artist - Beau Hall

Atlanta GA USA

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Former Blind Slim player Beau of Atlanta's Grand Master's of Blues and Rock has a new CD coming.....I know this will be a prize to own....rumor has it Beau was in semi retirement on his Sofa when his Cable Dude told him "Git off yur butt and Git-R-Done"...the rest is history.
"I've recorded hundreds of songs in my basement studios, but I've never done a CD in a real recording studio. Just ten simple, easy-to-play songs. I had no clue how much energy goes into this thing. The real challenge was in mixing the music. Do I make this a rock record and crank the guitars? Do I make this a funk record and crank the bass and drums? Do I make this a pop record and crank the vocals instead? Oh, it was hell just trying to figure out what this record wanted to be"